Known for user-friendly interfaces, great customer service, and impressive performance gains; KTuner has stepped up their involvement in the professional racing world to partner with Rains Racing. KTuner delivers great performance for serious racers as well as weekend enthusiasts, and is supported by a vast international distributor network. KTuner provides tuning software for a variety of Honda and Acura platforms, and in association with TunerView boasts the RD2 dash for any make or model of OBDII equipped vehicle!

The KTunerFlash V2 Touch is now available and includes KTuner tuning software on a 5-inch touch screen display. The Flash V2 Touch is a full dash with data logging and Bluetooth capabilities. The Flash V2 Touch is an absolute necessity for the Honda/Acura performance enthusiasts. KTuner software gives Rains Racing’s V6 Accord the power it needs to take on the best in the Pirelli World Challenge TC class!

After a half-season of competition in 2016 the two Honda Accord Coupe teams from Alabama, Team HMA and Rains Racing, are slated for more events in 2017. Driver of the number 44 Rains Racing/KTuner Honda Accord, Andrew Rains, is excited for a promising 2017 season:

“2016 was a great learning year for us, we grew as a team, and continually developed the Accord platform to compete in Pirelli World Challenge along with our fellow Honda competitors. We are very fortunate to come back to compete in 2017, and we are very thankful for great supporters like KTuner. Together we look to achieve success on and off the track in 2017. Thanks to KTuner’s awesome software we are able to maximize power from the venerable Honda J35 V6. The combination of the series allowed improvements to the car and tunability provided by the KTuner Flash gives us a drivable and powerful, yet dependable package. I think that is a huge advantage for us against some great competition from other manufacturers!“

Rains Racing is in its second year in partnership with Honda Motorsports Alabama, and is looking to build on relationships to bring home top-5’s, and podiums in 2017. KTuner has long been a supporter of the Honda Motorsports Alabama squad, working with the team on bespoke tuning projects for some of their unique Honda track cars. Rains Racing has had the pleasure of working with KTuner through its relationship with Team HMA.

Die-hard Honda and Acura enthusiast will find the KTuner product line-up to their liking, with support for various platforms. The number 44 Rains Racing 9th Generation Accord Coupe V6 will carry KTuner signage, and use KTuner tuning products in 2017. For a combination of performance, efficient interfaces, and price you cannot beat KTuner!

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