Excerpted from ESPN.com:

Cyclist Denise Mueller and PWC Driver Shea Holbrook plan to make another run at the world record next year.

Denise Mueller’s bid to go faster on a bicycle than anyone ever came up short Tuesday, but she made history nonetheless.

Mueller’s official speed of 147.75 mph on Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats set a women’s world record for fastest speed on a paced bicycle. No woman had ever attempted the mark before her. The speed was well short of the overall world record of 167 mph, set in 1995 by Dutch cyclist Fred Rompelberg.

Wet conditions on the salt flats prevented Mueller from making any runs in the final day of the four-day World of Speed event. Mueller, who is from California, said she believes that with one more day, she had an excellent chance of eclipsing the one-time world record of 152.2 mph set in 1985 by American John Howard, now her coach.

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