We spoke with TC racer Andrew Rains to talk about 2017 PWC Touring Car racing, his new APEX Pro project and the future of the class. Check it out below:

Matt: You are back for another year of Pirelli World Challenge TC racing with your beautiful Honda Accord. What are you expectations heading into 2017?

AR: The Accord is a nice looking car! Honda deserves a lot of credit on that one. Our primary expectation is to improve as a team and minimize mistakes. If we make incremental improvements in each area every race weekend we will be where want to be soon. I have a lot of personal goals and expectations behind the wheel in addition to goals for managing and running the team. Honesty a big part of it for me is not imposing too many expectations on myself, and just learning to put everything I have into running a great team. The goal is to run consistently in the top 5, and compete for the full championship in 2017 after a successful half season last year. Our highest finish was 6th in 2016, so improving upon that is a must!

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