2016-08-16-urry-1The hundreds of SecurityNational Mortgage and AVASIS guests were on their feet in elation as Sloan Urry made the winning pass just in front of their suite on the front straightway Saturday on a sunny afternoon just outside of his home town in Utah. Urry took the green flag from the third starting position Saturday afternoon and had an awesome start, quickly passing the race leader Alec Udell. Despite two yellow-flag caution periods caused by messy accidents in the first 10 minutes of the race, Sloan gapped Udell and it looked like the win was inevitable. Eventually, Udell managed to return the pass on Urry for the lead. Determined and driven by his jubilant fans, Urry masterfully hunted down Udell lap after lap, and quickly tightened the gap. With just ten minutes to go, Urry passed the bright blue Porsche of Udell, executing the game-plan perfectly, and scored his fifth victory of the season, and the first at his home track at the professional level in front of his ecstatic fans and supporters.

Urry started from the first row in today’s race two. Utah rookie McKay Snow started third and got a jump on the field and quickly took the lead from the green flag, Sloan was third. However, the 4+ mile track now known as the Utah Motorsport Campus is famous for rapid tire wear, and fortunately Sloan is known for his ability to manage his Pirelli’s. He settled into third position and managed his tire wear while Udell chased McKay. Eventually McKay’s pace slowed and both Udell and Urry passed him for first and second. Now the hunt was on and Urry had the pace and the tires to reel in Udell. Once again Sloan’s supporters could be heard above the sounds of the supercars as he chased Udell down the front straight. Each lap was faster than the last and most laps were faster than the leader, until his car hiccupped in the final set of turns before the front straight with just seven laps to go. His day came to an end prematurely due to a fuel pump failure. The car coasted to the gravel trap at the start of the front straight. Frustrated by the failure but satisfied with his performance, Urry walked alongside the track and down the front straight back to his pit to the roaring cheer of his local supporters who celebrated him from the suite over the TruSpeed pit.

Session Started Finished Best Lap Time Speed Laps Completed
Qualifying 2nd 1:53.349 96.8055 5
Race One: 3rd 1st 1:54.536 26
Race Two: 2nd 5th 1:54.357 21

Sloan on Race One: “My smile says it all. It’s been a while since I’ve been this happy! To win at home and to win after such an intense battle is just incredibly rewarding. I had a good start and took the lead but Alec put a lot of pressure on me. He was on my tail for a while. Once he got me, there was absolutely no way I was going to let that stick. I’ve got to thank the TruSpeed Autosport team. They’ve kept digging and digging this year and they gave me a great car. There was a huge contingency of my sponsors SecurityNational Mortgage and AVASIS along with friends and family hanging out of the suite on the front straight… that helped power me to the win for sure and I can’t thank them enough for the continued support they give me.”

Sloan on Race Two: “Race two here at Utah Motorsports Campus unfortunately did not go as well as race one. Unfortunately, I fell back to third at the start of the race but moved up to second and was all over Alec (Udell) for quite a while… preparing for the pass. Unfortunately, with 10 minutes or so to go we had a fuel pump failure and I had to pull the car off. It was our first mechanical of the year, and it came at probably the worst time for us, but that’s the way it goes sometimes in racing. We had fantastic race yesterday and another great battle with Alec today, so I am really pleased about that. I’ve got to give a huge shout out to SecurityNational Mortgage and AVASIS. The amount of support here has been amazing the whole weekend. You can’t walk through the paddock without noticing us, that is a real honor. Also my team TruSpeed worked super hard this weekend. We were trying a bunch of things in every session and I think we made a lot of progress this weekend. Our race pace was by far the best of anybody, we just need to work a bit on qualifying. I am looking forward to Sonoma.”

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