The GAINSCO Auto Insurance/Bob Stallings Racing No. 99 McLaren 650S GT3 struggled north of the border at the legendary The Canadian Tire Motorsports Park this weekend. The championship team experienced electrical problems in the first race on Saturday, and worked late into the night to find and remedy the problem. Eventually, they found a faulty ground connection, which they successfully replaced. The Red Dragon™ took its grid position under sunny skies on Sunday. Suddenly, during the pace laps and just before the green flag, the weather changed and a thunderstorm hovered while the team prepared for a possible tire-change. Just rain sprinkles prevailed and Jon completed the race distance, albeit far from the front of the field, and in unfamiliar territory for Fogarty and his GAINSCO team. The car is not responding as it should to balance changes and it is clear the electrical program was not the only issue hindering The Red Dragon. The GAINSCO/Bob Stallings Racing team will return to testing to see if they can find a better balance and more speed this Tuesday at Lime Rock Park.

Race Quotes:

Jon Fogarty on race two: “Our results this weekend certainly do not represent who we are or our capabilities, it’s frustrating for sure. It’s unfortunate to represent our partners from the back of the field. We’re going to do what it takes to turn this around.”

Bob Stallings, on race two: “The McLaren’s struggled a bit here, but we expected that. Since the race at Long Beach we can’t seem to get our car to a respectable competitive level.”

Jon Fogarty on race one: “It was a difficult race that was unfortunately plagued by some electrical gremlins, that we are trying to sort through right now. We need to continue to make the car better and will not be completely sure where we stack up until that is fixed. There’s another one (race) tomorrow and we need to get that fixed if we want to be competitive. We’ve got all the guys on it, including the McLaren representative. We’re going to take a deep look at the data and see if we can find it and hopefully have a better day tomorrow. It’s been humbling for sure.”

Bob Stallings on race one: “It was tough out there today, I felt really bad for Jon in the car. We had a lot of electrical issues. The car was missing a lot, so obviously we are at a loss of power. It was a struggle just to keep the car on track. The McLaren representative is here taking a look at it to see if he can figure out what it is. The car actually shut off in the pits and then without anyone touching it, it re-started itself, so we obviously have electrical issues. We’ll re-focus and get it fixed, and hopefully have a more competitive car tomorrow.”

GAINSCO, Inc. is a U.S. holding company specializing in automobile insurance, automotive sales and service, auto racing and investments. GAINSCO was established in 1978 as a Texas corporation and is based in Dallas, Texas, with a regional office in Miami, Florida. GAINSCO’s insurance company subsidiary is MGA Insurance Company, Inc.
About GAINSCO Auto Insurance®: As GAINSCO Inc.’s insurance brand, GAINSCO Auto Insurance is the primary sponsor of the GAINSCO/Bob Stallings Racing McLaren 650S GT3. GAINSCO distributes policies through a network of thousands of independent agents across the southern states. GAINSCO Auto Insurance uses its motorsports sponsorship and marketing campaign to build brand awareness and advance its distribution strategies.
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About GAINSCO/Bob Stallings Racing™: GAINSCO/Bob Stallings Racing has been committed to excellence in road racing since its formation in 2001. Since its inception, the team has earned two championships, 16 victories and 31 pole positions. Their legacy of all-star drivers includes Bob Stallings, two-time Daytona Prototype Champions Alex Gurney and Jon Fogarty, six-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion Jimmie Johnson, two-time Indy Car Champion Jimmy Vasser, GT Champion Darren Law, C.A.R.T. Champion Cristiano da Matta and celebrated American drivers Memo Gidley and Rocky Moran Jr. The GAINSCO Auto Insurance/McLaren 650S GT3 competes in the Pirelli World Challenge Series with American driver Jon Fogarty. .
About McLaren GT: McLaren GT is the GT race car manufacturing arm of McLaren Group established to develop, build and support the GT racing and track derivatives of the 12C sports car, and the 650S GT3. Based in Woking, Surrey at the former home of McLaren Racing, the company is responsible for the design, development and production of the GT3 variants of the 12C and 650S, the 12C GT Can-Am Edition and the 12C GT Sprint.

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