Andrew Rains with Rains Racing provides another update on their pre-season planning for the upcoming 2016 season:

As many of you might have seen on Facebook this morning, we are welcoming PLK Investment Partners and Phil Passafiume back for 2016 as a Silver Level Partner. I cannot thank Phil enough for his support and confidence in me and Rains Racing. He has already enabled a lot of opportunities and I’m thrilled to continue to get to know Phil and the Passafiume family! The Press Release to announce PLK’s return is attached.

A lot has transpired in the past few weeks. Since our last update we have done both an on-track shakedown with the car, and have also run some baseline tests on the dynamometer. It’s a busy time as the build nears completion, and now we are just simply waiting on a few parts to arrive to tie-up the loose ends. This experience has been great for me, although Car Chief Robert Odom has done the vast majority of the work on the car, I’ve assisted in almost every project along the way and I think that experience will help me to know the car intimately and will hopefully prove to make a difference during a race weekend. Most importantly I think it will inspire me to protect the car, and race clean every second I am behind the wheel.

I cannot speak enough about how great it has been working with Paul Street and Honda Motorsports Alabama. Their support and know-how has been invaluable, and it is such a rare opportunity to work with people of their caliber. I’ve learned a lot from the whole organization; the way they treat people, the technical knowledge, and how to take pride in what you do. I feel very lucky to be a steward of the opportunity to bring road racing to the forefront of our culture here in Alabama by representing what the average Alabamian does every day, builds cars! We have 68,000 employees in automotive manufacturing in Alabama, and what we do is saying thank you to those people for their hard work to create our state’s number one export. Any company that aligns themselves with our effort is supporting this initiative, and I think that is a golden opportunity for a strong brand association. There are a lot of opportunities for companies that are looking to grow their presence and value exposure to the demographics that are exposed to our product. I would great appreciate the opportunity to discuss how Rains Racing can bring value to your company today!

Thank you so much to those of you that have supported Rains Racing in any and every way in the past, and I look forward to working with you all in the future! We are about to re-work the Pirelli’s For Performance program and begin promoting it soon. I am also working up some numbers for our consumables costs (fuel, oil, other fluids, etc..) so that if someone wants to be our Fuel Sponsor, or Brakes Sponsor, then you have that opportunity!

Rains Racing has officially built our first racecar, and the goal is to build a customer car for 2017, if that interests you I would love to talk with you!