The next round of the Pirelli World Challenge championship will take place at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Ontario, Canada. team is based out of Vancouver, Canada and having one of the rounds of the PWC happening in Canada is close enough to call it a home race. All drivers in the team are also Canadian, so a definite level of home pride will be an added component to this round.

The COTA season opener was a great success for the team with driver Glenn Nixon, TCB Mini Cooper #58, taking three podiums in as many starts; all three cars finishing every race; and every driver in the team is looking forward to carry through on their success and will seek further improvement to their technique and over-all performance.

Glenn Nixon, having finished 2nd 2nd & 3rd in the respective first three races of the championship has his mind set on pushing hard for the coveted first place in the TCB class.

Andrei Kisel, TCB Mini Cooper #57 vows to concentrate and focus on delivering the same high level of performance and craft as he demonstrated in the last rounds of the previous season of PWC while Wei Lu, TCB Mini Cooper #59, will try to build on his successful experience from his first-ever round of Pirelli World Challenge at COTA, impressively finishing top 6 every one of the three races, and shall attempt to bring an even more determined performance in these three home starts of the second round of PWC.

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