Under blue skies and high winds, scores of fans gathered at Road America over the weekend to watch the drivers continue their battle for the GTS championship.

Saturday’s qualifying session had Nate starting at 14th in that day’s race, but he didn’t stay there long. Quickly climbing up to a top ten position under heavy opposition, Nate fought hard for a 9th place finish. Unfortunately, Nate was informed post-race that he would have to give up his position due to passing under a yellow flag.

“That was all on me,” Nate said. “I thought we had gone back to green by that point, and it was entirely my fault.” Apologetic and understanding, Nate accepted his 13th place finish and prepared to race harder and better the next day.

Sunday’s race was nothing short of incredible. At the start alone Nate jumped from 11th to 7th, setting him up nicely for the remainder of the race. As the race continued, yellow flag after yellow flag slowed down the drivers. Even still, Nate managed to carry his momentum as he climbed up to a 4th place position.

In what turned out to be the final lap of the race, Ernie Francis, Jr. of PF Racing only narrowly pulled ahead, sending Nate back to the 5th place position.

Debris from several collisions had the race ending early, causing the final lap to take place under a red flag. Due to this, Nate was given back his previous 4th place overall, closing out the weekend on a positive note as he earned the Optima Best Standing Start and the VP Fuel Hard Charger award. The new points system for the GTS Pro and Amateur classes had Nate finishing 3rd in the Pro GTS class as well.

After ending the weekend at Road America on a high note -an impressive feat considering his adversity on Saturday – Nate is eager to go onto the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course next month, where he will continue racing his Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport MR for Flying Lizard Motorsports on July 28th-30th.

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