Today was a great day driving at Laguna Seca!  Although it was hot (100+ degrees), the track conditions were pretty good.  

I have to say, the first time over the Corkscrew was pretty scary!  I turned to the left at the top, and was surprised that I couldn’t see the apex curbing at the bottom!  It’s really a turn you have to drive by faith and feel.  After a few laps it became really enjoyable.

Here’s a little video showing some of my “explorations at the limits”: a little brake lockup, a little tracking out early, a little slippery spot:

Video highlights from Laguna Seca practice – a little off-roading and a fast lap.

Time-wise I still have to get a few seconds faster to run with the leaders.  I’ll keep chipping away at some corners, trying to carry a little more speed in.  I think my line is pretty good – but if anyone has suggestions, let me know

Qualifying will be Friday morning at 8:00 am (11 am EST) on Race Monitor.  And the first race will be streamed live at 2:15 pm (5:15 pm EST).

Saturday’s race will be at 1:45 pm (4:45 pm EST).

And Sunday’s will be at 8:45 am (11:45 am EST).
Drive fast and take chances!

-Van Svenson, #2 Chevy Sonic