“As Pirelli World Challenge, and racing in general, has evolved form do-it-yourself racecars into off-the-shelf homologated machinery, one of the things that has been lost is an intimate knowledge of the car, the familiarity that comes with stripping a car down to its bare bones and rebuilding it into something more suitable for competition. While teams will often tear down and put together a GT3 car so they have that knowledge, it’s not always a possibility. Being able to take part in assembling a car from the basic chassis adds that familiarity that is often missing.

The GAINSCO/Bob Stallings Racing team recently had that opportunity at Porsche Motorsports North America’s new facility connected to the Porsche Experience Center in Carson, Calif. The team is making the switch from McLaren to Porsche, and was able to spend a couple of weeks in Southern California assembling its new 911 GT3R that it will campaign in Pirelli World Challenge in 2017.”

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