Fast Facts

Position Time Speed
Practice 1 6th 1:34.265 91.08 mph
Practice 2 13th 1:35.031 90.34 mph
Qualifying 6th 1:32.328 92.99 mph
Race 1 7th 1:34.694 89.39 mph
Race 2 6th 1:34.268 82.51 mph

Jon Fogarty: “It was an exciting start and we were fortunate to make it through clean. That wasn’t always the case this year! I think we got everything out of what we had today. The car was a little better, we made some changes and learned so more during the race. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to hold Ryan Dalziel off, but we learned, and a little bit late being that it’s the last race of the year, but that is how racing goes. We’ll take this and get ready to come back stronger next year.”

Bob Stallings: “We just wrapped up our second-year racing here in Pirelli World Challenge, and this was our second car, so this season was a big learning experience for us with the Porsche. We like the car a lot and have learned that there is a very narrow sweet spot. If you miss, it, even by just a little bit, your likely to lose a half a second a lap. We’ll do some more testing over the winter to continue our development and come back strong for a successful 2018!”