DXDT Racing is expanding on their Pirelli World Challenge Mercedes-AMG customer programs with a new Driver Development Program in conjunction with Aaron Povoledo.

“We feel that amateur and gentleman racers are the very backbone of contemporary sports car racing and that committing to the growth and development of these drivers is an area within sports car racing that needs more positive focus.” said Erik Petersen – Managing and Technical Director at DXDT Racing. “We are collaborating with Aaron Povoledo, who is not just a winning racer, but also a true expert in the field of driver coaching at its deepest levels. In a nutshell, we are creating a ‘ground up program’ to help our clients and future drivers, develop the necessary skills to achieve their goals”.

“Our core beliefs led us to develop this program because we believe that racing should be invigorating, rewarding and highly enjoyable. We believe that serious drivers deserve focused and knowledgeable people to assist them in improving their driving or racing experience with every turn of the wheel. We believe that people are the key to success and we have surrounded the team with some of the best in the racing industry. We are 100% committed to the growth of our clients and that is an area within sports car racing that we believe needs more positive attention.”

“This is by far one of the most exciting programs I’ve ever been a part of. Erik (Petersen) and David Askew have given me a clean sheet of paper and asked me to create a program based around one simple goal – do whatever it takes to make a person into the best racing driver he or she can possibly be.” said Program Director Aaron Povoledo. “DXDT has given me the resources to create some really exciting curriculum’s – extreme car control, drifting, sustaining peek focus, side by side race craft (using the team’s fleet of matching race cars). It’s a deep dive into the core skills and bio-mechanics of how we operate and what it takes to be a top-level driver. As a coach, this is a rare and unique opportunity. As a driver, it’s just plain and simply tons of fun!”

For more details and information regarding DXDT Racing and the Driver Development Program, please follow this link, www.dxdtracing.com