Johan Schwartz has used the 2015 racing season to bring awareness to prostate cancer.  September being Prostate Cancer Awareness month provided the perfect opportunity for Johan and wife Karen to ask fellow teams to show their united support for this cause.

“It’s time to recognize prostate cancer and the blue ribbon to the level breast cancer has been with the pink ribbon,” says Johan Schwartz. “My wife Karen approached as many teams as she could during the race weekend at Miller [Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah], asking teams to participate – we provide the ribbon decal, they show their support. The response by teams has been fantastic, and over 70 cars will don a special blue ribbon with a checkered racing band and #Racing4ProstateCancer next to their number plate on either side of the car.”

Additionally, Schwartz will have more than 200 blue ribbons on his No. 25 TechSport/CASgroup/ZEROcancer Chevy Sonic, with each ribbon representing $50 raised in a crowdfunding campaign that spanned the last 10 days.

Schwartz hopes seeing the blue ribbon will encourage men ages 40 and over to take their health seriously and include annual screenings for prostate cancer to their routine. The most common symptom of prostate cancer is NO SYMPTOMS at all.

Schwartz wasn’t able to get to all the teams at Miller and encourages any team interested in having blue ribbons delivered to them at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca to contact or text to (704) 806-4605.

Look for the blue ribbon on the following teams’ cars participating in raising awareness for prostate cancer:

Andy Lee /Bondurant/Camero
Bentley Team Dyson Racing
Berg Racing
Breathless Performance
Cadillac Racing
CRP Racing
Effort Racing
GTSport Racing
Hack Racing
Hale Motorsports
HPA Motorsports
Kia Racing/Kinetic Motorsports
P.J. Groenke Racing
Phoenix Racing
RealTime Racing
Rehagen Racing
Schomp Auto/Invisible Glass
Shea Racing
Skullcandy Team Nissan
Steadfast Racing
TechSport Racing
Trefethen/ANSA Motorsports
TruSpeed Autosport
Turn7 Motorsports
Turner Motorsport

Johan encourages teams to show their support via social media over the weekend by using the #Racing4ProstateCancer as seen on the blue ribbon decals.