Mid-Ohio has always been a good place for me.

I started my trip to Mid-O early Wednesday morning. After finishing up my internship in California the previous Friday, I hung around a few days to pack up and prepare for the upcoming race week.

We stayed in this wonderful little bed-n-breakfast right in downtown Mansfield. The owner told us about how it dated to the 1800s and had housed inventors from the time, the most memorable being Thomas Edison.

Being the history/engineering geek that I am I thought it was a good sign that some of the brightest minds had stayed in the very house I was.

Thursday’s practices were promising. Out of the two sessions I put the Euroworld Porsche fifth in the morning and first in the afternoon’s semi-wet conditions.

I have a bit of history at Mid-O in the rain. I earned my first PWC pole there in the wet at age 15 running a GTS Camaro. There are some tracks that gel with a driver. Mid-Ohio is one of those for me.

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