When the Ontario road racing season opens in two weeks at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, professional driver Kyle Marcelli of Barrie will be in the middle of a pretty steep learning curve.

You see, a year ago, when he was racing an Audi R8 GT3 for an American in the Pirelli World Challenge series, there were only two buttons on the car’s steering wheel — one to activate a radio exchange with his pit crew and the other to squirt water into his mouth. It was a piece of cake, particularly since the drinks button didn’t work. It was not difficult to remember the one radio button.

This year, he’s driving a Ferrari in World Challenge for Vaughan-based R. Ferri Motorsport and the steering wheel has — wait for it — 20 buttons and there are another 20 on the Ferrari’s dash. Forty buttons in all, which can present a bit of a challenge.

Marcelli — who’s 27 — and I were talking a few weeks ago about the upcoming season — he’s partnering Spanish driver Alex Riberas in SprintX races, which will be one of the World Challenge series classes on display at the upcoming Victoria Day Speedfest at CTMP — when he mentioned the difficulty of remembering which button does what on the 488 GT3 Ferrari while he’s shifting gears and turning laps averaging more than 100 miles an hour.

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