Schein/Heylen take Pro/Am; Cooper/J. Taylor Takes 2nd; Parente/Barnicoat Score 3rd

LAKEVILLE, Conn. – A strategy call to leave their car out a lap longer before a driver change allowed the Magnus Racing pairing of Dane Cameron and Spencer Pumpelly to take the lead and then the victory in 60-minute SprintX Round 6 competition at the Pirelli World Challenge Grand Prix of Lime Rock Park.

The No. 4 Audi RS 8 LMS moved ahead of the Cadillac Racing pairing of Jordan Taylor and Michael Cooper, who led the first half of the race but finished second after the pitstop exchange.

Pumpelly took over the controls of the No. 4 Audi and exited the pits with a narrow lead over Cooper with just over 25 minutes to go in the race. He was able to hold off the Cadillac driver as the two battled through lapped traffic before Pumpelly pulled a gap to the checkered flag in the 62-lap event.

With the win by Audi, it is the fifth different manufacturer to win in five SprintX rounds held so far in 2017.

It was the second win of the day for Dane Cameron, who took a thrilling TC class win in a morning race.

The race start was marred by an incident that took out Friday’s race winning Wright Motorsports Porsche of Marc Lieb, who started the race and was set to turn the car over to Patrick Long. The Porsche failed to finish following contact with the No. 31 Ferrari from TR3 Racing driven by Niccolo Schiro. CRP Racing driver Ryan Dalziel was also collected by the incident and forced to visit pit road.

“I’m not too sure what happened on the start,” said Cameron. “Marc and I were trying to time the start and see who could get the best start. I hit the (rev) limiter and Jordan was able to slide through for the lead. I would call today a pretty one with two wins (SprintX and TC). All of the cars are so different with the BOP (Balance of Performance) and every car has better spots on the circuit. I felt we were strong on the long runs. Jordan and I spend a lot of time racing against each other, so we know each other very well. We felt like we could do something with the strategy and go an extra lap. I was able to have a clear track and post a fast lap with that in lap.”

“When I came out of the pits, I could see that Cadillac (Cooper) really coming,” said Pumpelly. “He was coming fast and I had to get out of the pits quickly. When I got up to speed, I was only about a half a car length off the No. 8’s nose. It took a couple of laps but our Audi was good today and I was able to open up the gap on the Cadillac. When I hit traffic, I got a bit luckier than the No. 8 car. With three laps to go, I came up on a slow BMW as well as one of the Lamborghini with three different speeds. So, we went three wide. I figured we would be clear and all of them. But the Lambo didn’t clear the BMW and I touched the Lambo. A lot of rubber came off my car and caused the car to ‘thump.’ I thought it cut a tire. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case and we were able to run to the checkered flag. A nice win for the team.”

For the Cadillac pairing of Taylor and Cooper, a masterful manuever to the lead through an opening lap incident saw the No. 8 lead the first part of the race, but settle for second place.

Third place honors went to the K-PAX Racing McLaren 650S GT3 driver pairing of Alvaro Parente and Ben Barnicoat.

In fourth, the Absolute Racing Bentley Continental GT3 pairing of Adderly Fong and Vincent Abril held off a late charge from both RealTime Racing Acura NSX GT3s, with Ryan Eversley and
Tom Dyer in fifth and Peter Kox and Mark Wilkins in sixth at the checkered flag.

In the GT Pro/Am category, it was Wright Motorsports prevailing for the second straight day with Michael Schein and Jan Heylen winning the class in a Porsche 911 GT3 R. Schein and Heylen captured Friday’s Pro/Am division also at Lime Rock Park.

“It was a sweet win for Wright Motorsports after the sister car, No. 58 (Patrick Long/Marc Lieb) was taken out at the start,” said Schein. “Happy to have some redemption for the team with the Pro/Am win. Our car was very good again. Porsche gives us a great platform. We didn’t have any issue with lapped traffic and this track always has a lot of passing with the setup of the course. It’s great to win twice this weekend.”

“It was unfortunate for the No. 58 car,” said Heylen. “By the time I got to turn one, Marc was already going backwards and sliding off the track. I was just trying not to hit anyone and get through the mess in turn one. We kinda got away with it on that start. We had a good car today and that makes the job a lot easier for us. Everyone raced really clean today after the start. I started on the inside and Marc, unfortunately was already in the guardrail. I was able in inside and it was a fun race for us after that.”

In GT Am/Am, it was another repeat winner at Lime Rock as Henrique Cisneros and Tyler McQuarrie came home first for MOMO/NGT Motorsports in the Ferrari 458 GT3.

In GT Cup Pro/Am, Alessandro Bressan Yuki Harata took first place in the Dream Racing Motorsport Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo; while GT Cup Am/Am saw Joe Toussaint and Cory Friedman cross the finish line in first in the No. 90 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup from Autometrics Motorsports.

GTS SprintX competition saw Adam Merzon and Trent Hindman win Pro/Am in the 60-minute race for Case-it Racing in the Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport MR, and Stephen Cameron Racing conquered the Pro/Am division with Greg Liefooghe and Aristotle Balogh in the No. 019 BMW M3 E46.

Next, SprintX racers take the field at Utah Motorsports Campus, August 11-13, while GT and GTS see Sprint races scheduled for the Road America and Mid-Ohio weekends.

All results are provisional until posted Final.

Photo credit: Rick Dole

Results of Saturday’s 60-minute SprintX Round 6 race at Lime Rock Park. All results are provisional until posted Final.

Pos,PIC,Class,Name,Hometown,Car,Laps,Status,Race Time,Gap
1,1, Pro/Pro, Pumpelly/Cameron, Magnus Racing,,Audi RS 8 LMS,62,Running,1:00:40.860,
2,2, Pro/Pro,Cooper/J, Taylor, Cadillac Racing,,Cadillac ATS-V.R,62,Running,1:00:48.145,7.285
3,3, Pro/Pro, parente/Barnicoat, K-PAX Racing,,McLaren 650S GT3,62,Running,1:01:01.004,20.144
4,4, Pro/Pro, Abril/Fong, Absolute Racing,,Bentley Continental GT3,62,Running,1:01:03.173,22.313
5,5, Pro/Pro,Eversley/Dyer, RealTime Racing,,Acura NSX GT3,62,Running,1:01:03.521,22.661
6,6, Pro/Pro, Kox/Wilkins, RealTime Racing,,Acura NSX GT3,62,Running,1:01:03.895,23.035
7,7, Pro/Pro, O’Connell/ R. Taylor, Cadillac Racing,,Cadillac ATS-V.R,62,Running,1:01:07.798,26.938
8,8, Pro/Pro, Sellers/Kane, K-PAX Racing,,McLaren 650S GT3,62,Running,1:01:28.820,47.960
9,9, Pro/Pro, Dalziel/Morad, CRP Racing,,Mercedes AMG GT3,62,Running,1:01:29.617,48.756
10,10, Pro/Pro, Schiro/Mancinelli, TR3 Racing,,Ferrari 488 GT3,62,Running,1:01:29.956,49.095
11,1, Pro/Am, Schein/Heylen, Wright Motorsports,,Porsche 911 GT3 R,61,Running,1:00:41.600,1 LAP
12,2, Pro/Am, Montecarlvo/Sanchez, Always Evolving/AIM Autosport Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3,,Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3,61,Running,1:01:02.525,1 LAP
13,3, Pro/Am, Bleekemolen/Pappis, Black Swan Racing,,Mercedes AMG GT3,61,Running,1:01:15.177,1 LAP
14,4, Pro/Am, Potter/Davis,Magnus Racing,,Audi RS 8 LMS,61,Running,1:01:24.277,1 LAP
15,1, Am/Am, McQuarrie/Cisneros, MOMO/NGT Motorsports,,Ferrari 458 GT3,61,Running,1:01:24.575,1 LAP
16,5, Pro/Am, Luo/Couto, Absolute Racing,,Bentley Continental GT3,61,Running,1:01:27.307,1 LAP
17,2, Am/Am, Wilson/Regitz, TRG-AMR,,Aston Martin GT3,61,Running,1:01:28.197,1 LAP
18,6, Pro/Am, Hedlun/Lewis, K-PAX Racing,,McLaren 650S GT3,60,Running,1:00:42.371,2 LAPS
19,7, Pro/Am, Halliday/Sofronas, GMG Racing,,Porsche 911 GT3 R,60,Running,1:00:52.838,2 LAPS
20,8, Pro/Am, Udell/Calvert, Calvert Dynamics,,Porsche 911 GT3 R,60,Running,1:01:07.869,2 LAPS
21,1, Pro/Am, Harata/Bressan, Dream Racing Motorsport,,Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo,58,Running,1:00:52.946,4 LAPS
22,2, Pro/Am, Radisic/Clos, Precision Driving,,Ferrari Challenge Evo,57,Running,1:00:47.569,5 LAPS
23,1, Am/Am, Friedman/Toussaint, Autometrics Motorsports,,Porsche 911 GT3 Cup,57,Running,1:00:48.137,5 LAPS
24,3, Pro/Am, Joiner/Lee, Tool Racing,,Porsche 911 GT3 Cup,57,Running,1:00:56.514,5 LAPS
25,1, Pro/Am, Merzon/Hindman, Case-it Racing,,Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport MR,56,Running,1:01:10.368,6 LAPS
26,1, Am/Am,Balogh/Liefooghe, Stephen Cameron Racing,,BMW M3 E46,56,Running,1:01:35.721,6 LAPS
27,11, Pro/Pro, Long/Lieb, Wright Motorsports,,Porsche 911 GT3 R,0,NC,0.000,