The Pirelli World Challenge GTS class is expected to see considerable growth, according to series President and CEO Greg Gill, who confirmed that selected not-yet GT4-homologated cars will continue to be eligible for next year.

The sprint race championship, which has largely adopted SRO GT4 regulations, is set to see an influx of new cars from BMW, Audi, Mercedes-AMG, alongside the full customer rollouts of both the Ford Mustang GT4 and Chevrolet Camaro GT4.R.

While current grids have dipped into the high-teens, Gill is confident of increased numbers, and more diversity heading into the 2018 season.

“I think both Touring Car and GTS/GT4 have seen what we would call record-type growth, and particularly more potential in the case of GTS/GT4,” Gill told Sportscar365.

“It’s so clear there when you look at the manufacturers and you see the sales orders and what teams are showing you, ‘I’ve just ordered this car.'”

“We’re not even worried about where the growth will be in GTS/GT4 next year.

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