Acura’s Eversley sees racing from two sides

In the days when most pro drivers came up through the ranks of club racing, running their own car as crew chief/mechanic/parts washer, most had a pretty good understanding of the inner workings of their machinery, even after they moved on to a situation where others were handling that side of the racing equation for them. There are still a few pros who have been on the other side, working as a mechanic or other crew before they moved on to the starring role. Ryan Eversley, driver of the No. 43 RealTime Racing Acura NSX in Pirelli World Challenge GT, is one of those.

There’s a theory that drivers who have been on the other side have a deeper understanding of the machine, know how to get the most out of it, and keep things together longer over the course of a race. Eversley will tell you that in the modern day of GT racing, that no longer applies.

“The NSX has so many assist systems like paddle shifting and auto-blip downshifts and stuff like that that stops you from hurting the car,” he explains. “I’d say in the slower classes, where you’re driving touring cars or sedans, sure. But in these current cars, everything is so foolproof to stop that exact kind of thing from happening. It takes any advantage like that away.”

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