In the following video interview, Pirelli World Challenge CEO Greg Gill speaks to RACER’s Marshall Pruett about PWC’s big return to the Pacific Northwest on July 13-15 at Portland International Raceway.

“As we looked at the surveys from our fans, back from Vancouver, B.C. downward, there was a huge desire to bring back professional racing to the Pacific Northwest,” explains Gill. “So when the opportunity came up, I think it was a bit of an embarrassment of riches for Portland — ‘Well, let’s see if we can get IndyCar, let’s see if we can get PWC. Uh oh, we landed both fish!’ And I really have to give kudos to Green Savoree, the promoters for IndyCar, because they’ve worked to ensure it was a proper facility, worked with the track — both series are going in recognizing, ‘Here are the challenges.’ We’ve both made on-site visits — this has been the most engaged we’ve ever been in a facility before we actually arrived.”

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