New Pirelli World Challenge GT class manager Rob Morgan has seen racing from every perspective

Pirelli World Challenge’s hiring of new class managers earlier this year in preparation for the imminent 2017 season is a clear indication of what series management views as its role in the motorsports world – a business that must keep its customers happy.

“It’s a growth factor,” says WC Vision President and CEO Greg Gill. “The series had a history of being a cult-of-one type of leadership; that was the impression that a lot of customers gave us. Today, with more than 130 competitors registered, you’re looking at a lot of people who need to be serviced. We did a beta test of this concept in July with Jim Jordan. He was able to show the value. All indications are that it has been very well received by the competitors.”

So the series followed that with class managers for GT and GTS, Rob Morgan and Jack Baldwin. Both are former racers in their respective classes as well as team owners, and they’ve seen it all.

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