The SRO Motorsports Group has been involved with Pirelli World Challenge since 2015, and acquired an interest in WC Vision LLC, the company that owns the series, in 2016. Since then, PWC fully integrated GT4 into the GTS category, applied SRO’s Balance of Performance equations across the GT and GTS fields and was SRO’s partner in bringing the Intercontinental GT Challenge to Laguna Seca last October. Now, with the announcement at Lime Rock that SRO Motorsports Group now has a majority interest in WC Vision, the series will be further melded into the GT universe that SRO Motorsports controls.

“The big picture is that we wish to give the GT manufacturers and potential partners a global offering for both GT3 and GT4,” explains Stephane Ratel, SRO Motorsports Group founder and CEO. “It is about integrating the Pirelli World Challenge into what SRO does on four continents.”

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INSIGHT: SRO and the future of Pirelli World Challenge