Over 700 Million Viewers Now Reached by 2016 PWC Worldwide Television Package

AUSTIN, Texas – WC Vision, producers of the Pirelli World Challenge, today announced a new expanded television reach with its 2016 telecasts as over 700 million global households now have the opportunity to view North America’s top GT production series.

Through the Greenlight International weekly motorsport programming, the worldwide distribution now includes all seven continents with a variety of network partners such as ESPN International, ESPN 2, ESPN Dos, TEN Sports, Fox Sports International, Fox Sports 2, Sky Sports, Star Sports in China and India, Tru Visions and Al Jazeera/Bein Sports. The Pirelli World Challenge coverage through Greenlight International will be for the GT class only in 2016.

The international broadcasts of the Pirelli World Challenge will be televised through several popular motorsports programming venues including PLANET SPEED, Motorsport Mundial and Max Power.

In the United States, the Pirelli World Challenge is telecast on CBS Sports Network and MotorTrend On Demand (www.motortrendondemand.com). The PWC website (www.world-challenge.com) also broadcasts live streaming of the series’ events throughout 2016.

“For the past year, we have been working with our international license partner, Greenlight International, to develop our worldwide reach for the Pirelli World Challenge,” said Greg Gill, WC Vision President and CEO. “Today, I am pleased to announce the first of the programming has been established and racing fans around the world can choose to view our world-class racing either online or via traditional TV broadcasts. It is very exciting for our fans, sponsors and racing teams. When you add this reach to our industry leading sole channel coverage on CBS Sports and MotorTrend on Demand, we have a viewership package that is both targeted and global.”

The upcoming events for the Pirelli World Challenge are set for the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Bowmanville, Ont., Canada May 19-22 followed the next week (May 27-28) at Lime Rock Park in Lakeville, Conn. All seven PWC racing divisions will compete on both weekends in May.

Contacts: Tom Blattler, Pirelli World Challenge, 317-525-5692, tblattler@wcvision.com

Dave Drimmie, Pirelli World Challenge, 416-836-6601, davedrimmie@wcvision.com

About the Pirelli World Challenge: Coming off the most exciting racing campaign in its 26-year history, Pirelli World Challenge announced a variety of new elements to its 2016 series including an impressive 11-weekend schedule and a new alliance with SRO Blancpain GT Series. In 2015, the sensational Pirelli World Challenge competition saw nine different auto manufacturers finishing the final eleven point positions in the GT category. Pirelli World Challenge features seven individual classes including GT, GTA, GT Cup, GTS, TC, TCA and TCB with 22 different auto makes and 28 separate models. PWC also confirmed the television package with CBS Sports Network as well as the expanded relationship with Motor Trend on Demand TV. With the new Greenlight TV relationship, PWC now reaches over 700 million viewers worldwide. For additional information on PWC, please go to www.world-challenge.com.