This Week’s Pirelli Paddock Pass: Chevrolet’s Shawn Meagher, Camaro GT4.R Program Manager

Shawn Meagher oversees Chevrolet’s Camaro GT4.R programs, and this week in the Pirelli Paddock Pass he gives us an inside look at the operation and what makes Pirelli World Challenge an ideal place to showcase the car.

What has the reception to the Camaro GT4.R been globally?

“Wherever Chevrolet goes racing, we’re there to win, and teams know that we will deliver a car that is capable of winning races.

“There was certainly a lot of excitement, especially for the fans that are so loyal to the Camaro, as the word got around that we would be producing the Camaro GT4.R.

“And for us to accomplish this goal, we knew it was important for us to deliver a car that was not only quick and driver friendly, but also robust, and easy to run for a team.

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