If there was one word to describe the Pirelli World Challenge weekend at Mid-Ohio, I think I would choose the word intensity.

I mean from the moment we arrived Cadillac Racing was focused. We had tested there a month previous, rolled off the trailer with good cars, and though not as pleased as we would have liked with how the BoP panned out, knew that as a team we would execute to the level we always do.

After the first official practice, Michael (Cooper) and I were both looking pretty decent time wise. The thing is you never have any idea who’s holding back, which is why sometimes you see guys jump up from out of nowhere in qualifying.

Fans that are paying attention will see that never happens with us at Cadillac as we are 110 percent every session. Anyway, I know we both were eager to get that sticker set of tires and try to get killer qualifying laps.

It’s kind of a funny thing, but back when I raced open wheel cars, I never really put much emphasis on qualifying setups.

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