From hero to zero in about the blink of an eye. That’s probably the best way to describe the final round of the Pirelli World Challenge Series for me at Sonoma Raceway.

Having won both races last year, I know we all went into the event confident of a good result. We were quickest in the first session, and really had a pretty good balance with the car, until it all went wrong.

Exiting the Carousel with about five minutes left in the second practice session, I dropped two wheels on the exit. Something I’ve done before and has never been a moment at all.

This time however I hit a bump, the rear moved out and we shot across the track into the wall head-on at warp speed. Easily the biggest hit I’ve had since that wreck back in 1993 at Watkins Glen.

The car destroyed, a ride in an ambulance, and then disappointment at having let the team down.

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