It happens often in racing, that some of your best drives, don’t result in a trophy. That was the case in race one at Road America.

Starting second, I had a great start and led at the turning point for one, with the Bentley to my inside. Leaving some room, there was contact that ran me wide on exit, and Adderly Fong led into Turn 3.

I pulled the over under move, got a better shot out of three and though pulling him slightly, once we got to fifth and sixth gear he gained some ground. I was a tic later on the brakes going into five, and again in front at the turning point.

Rather than go for the apex, I left him some room to work it, but unfortunately he needed more room and tagged me after the apex and turned me backwards. The entire field went by, I spun the car around, and went to work.

The drive from the back, well I’m not going to lie, it was motivated and fun.

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