“Now going into its 11th year of competition, we are roughly in the 5th year of GT3 implosion talk. Like GT1 and GT2 before it (and concerns with the direction of GTE/GTLM), people assume GT3 will go down that same path and then be replaced with yet another lower tier class – GT4 for example. While another major market downturn or industry scandal (think dieselgate) could take out a chunk of cars and people willing to spend their hard-earned money, that doesn’t seem too likely in the near future. There’s three main reasons for this: 1) most GT3 manufacturers treat this class as a profit center and are either currently making money selling to customers, 2) the sheer number of GT3 cars/manufacturers and series in existence and 3) the SRO homologation and BoP processes are the best in the business. I’ll attempt to tie these together.”

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