In August of 2016 we spoke with PWC’s Touring Car manager Jim Jordan about the future of the TC category and changes that were being proposed for 2018 and beyond. Essentially the the TC classes could look like this by next year:

  • Full-spec TCR with preference for cars with street version sold in the United States
  • TC: 2+2 configuration with a preference for cars built by the factory – BMW M235iR for example
  • TCA: SCCA Touring 4 (and some Touring 3) cars will be eligible
  • TCB: A decision on the class continuation will happen by 7/1/2017

The Touring Car classes consistently has some of the best competition on track with tons of action and packed grids. So far 2017 has exceeded expectations within the TC category, especially within TC and TCA. The opening weekend at VIR saw 32 TC cars and 15 TCA. Canadian Tire Motorsports Park had 30 in TC and 12 in TCA, with 33 in TC and 14 in TCA for the weekend event at Lime Rock Park. TCB has seen 7 or 8 at each round. One of the reasons we’re seeing such great numbers in the top two classes stem from some simple, yet important, decisions made by WC Vision. TC has an overwhelming (and I mean that as a good thing) amount of BMW M235iRs on the grid and allows the “de-tuned” TCR Audi RS3 LMS (Clubsport) that has less power, less throttle and a few other controls to keep the speeds down compared to it’s full-spec TCR big brother. The TCA category saw the inclusion of Mazda’s popular Global MX-5 Cup car (also with slight modifications) and those three decisions have helped those two categories blow up.

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