Tim Mincey’s family has always been a caring giving family. Tim’s grassroots racing family started volunteering as corner workers at SCCA Florida Region events. His three children and wife Helen all discovered SCCA rally cross racing together in a dusty dirt field in Homestead, Florida in 2006. While one day corner working Tim’s youngest daughter, Samantha, asked her dad “if he could one day race as a SCCA pro race car driver”? It was a family dream to see dad one day race at the pro level.

Tim’s racing family took the dream of becoming a SCCA pro race car driver a step further. Being the caring giving race family they are they want to use the opportunity to educate, support, and save lives of young males who may have or one day have Testicular Cancer. Thanks to “Sammy’s Dream” a family crowdfunding campaign, friends, co-workers, and Testicular Cancer Foundation they are going to make their family dream become a reality. Tim Mincey Sr has entered the 2015 Pirelli World Challenge Series COTA race in Austin Texas. With your help this grassroots family dream can continue to be a reality in future races and we can make a difference!

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