Goulart, O’Connell Score Poles in TCA, TCB

LAKEVILLE, Conn. – Paul Holton scored pole in a massive Touring Car class field at the Pirelli World Challenge Grand Prix of Lime Rock Park.

Holton, driving the C360R Audi RS 3 LMS Club Sport, set a quick lap of 56.099 in the 33-car group to take the top spot for the first race of the two-day double-header weekend.

“There was really challenging conditions for qualifying,” said Holton, the TC winner in Rounds 1 and 3. It dried out in practice and then it started sprinkling. I was able to find some clear space to put down a fast lap. I’m driving the Audi really hard and hitting every curb I can to keep up the pace. It’s difficult right now to keep the proper line with the dry and then wet conditions.”

A lap of 56.430 by the No. 11 of Cody Ellsworth will see the RacerIink Motorsports Porsche Cayman driver line up alongside Holton for the Friday afternoon race, which is scheduled for 3:00 p.m. local time at the tight and exciting Lime Rock Park circuit.

Elivan Goulart qualified third and the Pirelli World Challenge 2016 TCA Champion is a late addition to the TC field this weekend in the KRUGSPEED Lotus Exige.

Fourth, and also racing in SprintX this weekend, was Dane Cameron in the Turner Motorsports BMW M235iR.

And after pacing morning practice with the fastest overall time, John Weisberg completed the top five in the No. 5 BERG Racing Mazda MX-5.

TC competitors next take to the Lime Rock Park circuit for their first race of the weekend, scheduled for 3:00 p.m. local time.

Goulart and Canaan O’Connell scored poles in TCA and TCB, respectively, at the Pirelli World Challenge Grand Prix of Lime Rock Park. Goulart, a local driver from Shelton, Connecticut vaulted to the TCA pole in the S.A.C. Racing Mazda Global MX-5 Cup Car with a lap of 59.322 to take the top spot ahead of the No. 74 of Matthew Fassnacht.

While Fassnacht was second quickest, Dean Copeland qualified third in the Copeland Motorsports Mazda Global MX-5 Cup Car.

Eric Powell qualified fourth in the Tech Sport Racing Mazda MX-5. Rounding out the top five was Tom O’Gorman, who was fastest in the TC practice session held earlier in the morning. O’Gorman, who drives for Shea Racing, is coming off a win at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park in the No. 94 Honda Civic Si.

“The conditions changed with drying of the track and then light rain again,” said Goulart, the defending TCA champion. “I was able to get the fast time early in the session and it was little hairy coming down the hill. We ran a 59.3 (seconds) so I am pretty satisfied with that time. This is our home track and it is a big weekend for our team with so many friends and family here.”

In TCB, it was O’Connell with the top spot after a qualifying lap at 1:04.759 in the No. 24 Tech Sport Racing Chevrolet Sonic entry.

O’Connell beat out Travis Washay for the pole in the ultra-competitive TCB class, with the Indian Summer Racing MINI Cooper qualifying second and Jake Pipal right behind in third in the No. 6 Honda Fit.

“I was good in these conditions and this is a fun track,” said O’Connell, son of four-time PWC GT champion Johnny. “My dad has had a lot of good luck here before. I’m hoping I can continue that luck here this weekend. I am hoping we can have two O’Connells on the podium this weekend.”

TCA and TCB class competitors roll for race one of their Lime Rock Park weekend at 9:15 a.m. EDT on Saturday morning.

All results are provisional until posted Final.

Qualifying results for the Touring Car class Round 5 at Lime Rock Park. All results are provisional until posted Final.

Pos,PIC,Class,Name,Hometown,Car,Laps,Status,Fastest Lap Time,Fastest Lap Avg. Speed
1,1, TC,Paul HOLTON,Orlando, FL,Audi RS 3 LMS Clubsport,9,Not Running,56.099,94.5
2,2, TC,Cody ELLSWORTH,Jupiter, FL,Porsche Cayman,6,Not Running,56.430,94.0
3,3, TC,Elivan GOULART,Shelton, CT,Lotus Exige,9,Running,56.465,93.9
4,4, TC,Dane CAMERON,,BMW M235iR,8,Not Running,56.475,93.9
5,5, TC,John WEISBERG,Webster, NY,Mazda MX-5,9,Not Running,56.609,93.7
6,6, TC,Toby GRAHOVEC,Celina, TX,BMW M235iR,9,Not Running,56.623,93.7
7,7, TC,Patrick GALLAGHER,,Mazda MX-5,9,Running,56.668,93.6
8,8, TC,Mason FILIPPI,Alamo, CA,BMW M235iR,8,Not Running,56.811,93.4
9,9, TC,Jeff RICCA,Milford, CT,Genesis Coupe,5,Not Running,56.923,93.2
10,10, TC,Greg LIEFOOGHE,San Francisco, CA,BMW M235iR,9,Not Running,56.981,93.1
11,11, TC,Nick WITTMER,Montreal, Quebec,BMW M235iR,9,Running,57.025,93.0
12,12, TC,Randy POBST,Belgaum, India,BMW M235iR,10,Not Running,57.091,92.9
13,13, TC,Tony RIVERA,Oceanside, CA,Nissan 370Z,11,Running,57.117,92.9
14,14, TC,Will TURNER,,BMW M235iR,9,Running,57.126,92.8
15,15, TC,Anthony MAGAGNOLI,Dexter, MI,BMW M235iR,11,Not Running,57.129,92.8
16,16, TC,Jason COUPAL,Rochester, NY,Audi RS 3 LMS Clubsport,10,Running,57.175,92.8
17,17, TC,Robert NIMKOFF,Newton, CT,BMW M235iR,9,Not Running,57.205,92.7
18,18, TC,Anthony GERACI,Glen Cove, NY,Audi RS3 LMS Clubsport,10,Running,57.293,92.6
19,19, TC,Karl WITTMER,Montreal, Quebec,Honda Accord,9,Running,57.632,92.0
20,20, TC,Shea HOLBROOK,Fulshear, TX,Honda Accord,9,Not Running,57.683,91.9
21,21, TC,Jacob RUUD,,BMW M235iR,8,Not Running,57.885,91.6
22,22, TC,Justin RAPHAEL,Franklin Lakes, NJ,BMW M235iR,9,Not Running,58.037,91.4
23,23, TC,Dennis HANRATTY JR,Mechanicsburg, PA,Lotus Exige,9,Running,58.134,91.2
24,24, TC,Chris OHMACHT,Franklin Lakes, NJ,BMW M235iR,8,Not Running,58.156,91.2
25,25, TC,Henry SCHMITT,San Francisco, CA,BMW M235iR,9,Running,58.257,91.0
26,26, TC,Aristotle BALOGH,Palo Alto, CA,BMW M235iR,9,Running,58.285,91.0
27,27, TC,Jayson CLUNIE,Milwaukee, WI,BMW M235iR,9,Running,58.961,89.9
28,28, TC,Joshua FORAN,,Honda Accord,11,Running,59.026,89.8
29,29, TC,Samantha TAN,Gormley, ON,BMW M235iR,9,Running,59.329,89.4
30,30, TC,Randy HALE,Haddam, CT,Mazda MX-5,8,Not Running,59.399,89.3
31,31, TC,Rodrigo SALES,Sonoma, CA,BMW M235iR,9,Running,59.868,88.6
32,32, TC,Stefan SAJIC,Belgrade, Serbia,BMW M235iR,9,NC,1:00.382,87.8
33,33, TC,John ALLEN,Denver, CO,Audi RS 3 LMS Clubsport,8,NC,1:00.904,87.1
34,34, TC,Jason FICHTER,Jupiter, FL,Honda Accord,0,NS,,
35,35, TC,Tony RIVERA,,Nissan 370Z,0,NS,,
36,36, TC,Steve KHOLI,Iowa City, IA,Honda Accord,0,NS,,
37,37, TC,Cameron MAUGERI,Ormond Beach, FL,Lotus Exige,0,NS,,

Qualifying results for TCA and TCB classes Round 5 at Lime Rock Park. All results are provisional until posted Final.

Pos,PIC,Class,Name,Hometown,Car,Laps,Status,Fastest Lap Time,Fastest Lap Avg. Speed
1,1, A,Elivan GOULART,Shelton, CT,Mazda Gobal MX-5 Cup Car,8,Not Running,59.322,89.4
2,2, A,Matthew FASSNACHT,Madison, NJ,Mazda MX-5,8,Not Running,59.465,89.2
3,3, A,Dean COPELAND,Grasonville, MD,Mazda Global MX-5 Cup Car,8,Not Running,1:00.145,88.2
4,4, A,Eric POWELL,Orlando, FL,Mazda MX-5,9,Not Running,1:00.468,87.7
5,5, A,Tom O’GORMAN,Mason, OH,Honda Civic Si,8,Not Running,1:00.571,87.6
6,6, A,Brian HENDERSON,,Mazda Global MX-5 Cup Car,8,Not Running,1:01.511,86.2
7,7, A,Paul WHITING,,Honda Civic Si,8,Not Running,1:03.135,84.0
8,1, B,Richard ASTACIO,,Mazda MX-5,5,Not Running,1:03.304,83.8
9,8, A,Steve STREIMER,,Mazda MX-5,8,Not Running,1:03.423,83.6
10,9, A,Eric LAPORTE,Blainville, Quebec,Honda Civic Si,7,Not Running,1:03.889,83.0
11,10, A,Kevin ANDERSON,Huntington Station, NY,Scion FR-S,9,Running,1:04.059,82.8
12,2, B,Canaan O’CONNELL,Chandler, AZ,Chevrolet Sonic,8,Not Running,1:04.759,81.9
13,3, B,Travis WASHAY,Milford, CT,MINI Cooper,8,Running,1:06.019,80.3
14,4, B,Jake PIPAL,Oakdale, CA,Honda Fit,7,Not Running,1:06.401,79.9
15,5, B,Taylor HANDWERK,Jim Thorpe, PA,MINI Cooper,7,Not Running,1:06.619,79.6
16,6, B,P.J. GROENKE,Richmond Hill, ON,Chevrolet Sonic,8,Not Running,1:06.819,79.4
17,7, B,Jasper DRENGLER,Shawano, WI,Honda Fit,5,Not Running,1:08.004,78.0
18,8, B,Ted SAHLEY,Cleveland, OH,Mazda 2,7,Not Running,1:08.246,77.7
19,9, B,Blake THOMPSON,Oak Creek, WI,Mazda 2,6,Not Running,1:08.374,77.6
20,11, A,Sarah MONTGOMERY,Lafayette, LA,Honda Civic Si,0,NS,,
21,12, A,Gary KWOK,Markham, ON,Honda Civic,0,NS,,
22,13, A,Daniel MOEN,Rindge, NH,Mazda MX-5,0,NS,,
23,14, A,Spencer PATTERSON,Pittsburgh, PA,Mazda MX-5,0,NS,,
24,15, A,Jeff SEXTON,Austin, TX,Mazda Global MX-5 Cup Car,0,NS,,