Shane Lewis Takes Mercedes-AMG to GTS SprintX Pole Saturday in PWC Grand Prix of Virginia at VIR

Grahovec Speeds to GTS SprintX Am Pole in BMW M4 GT4

ALTON, Va. (April 28, 2018) – Shane Lewis of Jupiter, Fla., shattered the GTS qualifying record Saturday in the GTS SprintX division Saturday at VIRginia International Raceway in the Pirelli World Challenge Grand Prix of VIRginia with the No. 74 74 Ranch Resort/Robinson Racing Mercedes-AMG GT4 sports car.

Lewis, teaming with Gar Robinson the 60-minute, two-driver doubleheader events this weekend, posted a best lap of one minute, 53.396 seconds for an average speed of 103.81 miles per hour to easily better the 2017 mark set by Jeff Courtney of 1:55.144 (102.23 m.p.h.) in his Maserati GT4. Lewis, a former Trans-Am champion, will make his second GTS SprintX start today in the Round 3 event Saturday at 3:40 p.m. EDT.

Second in the GTS SprintX Pro-Am division Saturday was 2017 TCA series champion Matthew Fasnacht of Madison, N.J. in the No. 34 Murillo Racing Mercedes-AMG GT4 with a 1:53.783 (103.46 m.p.h.) followed by Moritz Kranz of Germany in the No. 21 Muehlner Motorsports America Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport MR at 1:53.804 (103.44 m.p.h.), Scott Maxwell of Toronto, Ont., Canada in the No 55. PF Racing Ford Mustang GT4 at 1:53.815 (103.43 m.p.h.) and 18-year-old HarryGottsacker of San Antonio, Tex., in the No. 69 Racers Edge Motorsports/Protein Water SIN CAR 1 GT4 at 1:53.967 (103.29 m.p.h.).

The Am class qualifier and sixth overall was 2016 TC champion Toby Grahovec of Celina, Tex., in the No. 92 EFT Global/Classic BMW BMW M4 GT4 with a 1:53.987 (103.29 m.p.h.). Second in the GTS SprintX Am division was Randy Mueller of Miami, Fla., in the No. 3 Epic Motorsports BMW M4 GT4 at 1:55.002 (102.36 m.p.h.) followed by 2018 GTSA race winner Drew Staveley of Salt Lake City, Utah in the No. 12 Ian Lacy Racing Ginetta G55 at 1:55.156 (102.22 m.p.h.).

ALTON, Va. – GTS SprintX Rd.3 Qualifying results from the Pirelli World Challenge Grand Prix of Virginia presented by Audi Sport Friday at VIRginia International Raceway. All results are provisional until posted Final.

Pos,PIC,Class,Name,Hometown,Car,Laps,Status,Fastest Lap Time,Fastest Lap Avg. Speed
1,1, Pro/Am,Robinson Racing,,,Mercedes-AMG GT4,6,Not Running,1:53.396,103.8
2,2, Pro/Am,Murillo Racing,,,Mercedes-AMG GT4,8,Not Running,1:53.783,103.4
3,3, Pro/Am,Muehlner Motorsports America,,,Porsche Cayman GT4 CS-MR,6,Not Running,1:53.804,103.4
4,4, Pro/Am,PF Racing,,,Ford Mustang GT4,6,Not Running,1:53.815,103.4
5,5, Pro/Am,Racers Edge Motorsports,,,SIN R1,8,Not Running,1:53.967,103.2
6,1, Am,Classic BMW,,,BMW M4 GT4,6,Running,1:53.987,103.2
7,6, Pro/Am,GMG Racing,,,Audi R8 LMS GT4,8,Not Running,1:54.523,102.7
8,7, Pro/Am,Volt Racing,,,Ford Mustang GT4,10,Not Running,1:54.583,102.7
9,8, Pro/Am,Blackdog Racing,,,Chevrolet Camaro GT4,6,Not Running,1:54.781,102.5
10,9, Pro/Am,Team Panoz Racing,,,Panoz Avezzano GT4,4,Not Running,1:54.922,102.4
11,2, Am,Epic Motorsports,,,BMW M4 GT4,7,Running,1:55.002,102.3
12,3, Am,Ian Lacy Racing,,,Ginetta G55,6,Running,1:55.156,102.2
13,4, Am,Flying Lizard Motorsports,,,Audi R8 LMS GT4,7,Running,1:55.174,102.2
14,10, Pro/Am,Classic BMW,,,BMW M4 GT4,10,Not Running,1:55.308,102.0
15,11, Pro/Am,Blackdog Racing,,,Chevrolet Camaro GT4,5,Not Running,1:55.435,101.9
16,5, Am,NOLAsport,,,Porsche Cayman GT4 – CS-MR,6,Running,1:55.495,101.9
17,6, Am,KPR,,,McLaren 570S GT4,7,Running,1:55.614,101.8
18,7, Am,JCR Motorsports,,,Maserati Grand Turismo MC GT4,7,Running,1:55.621,101.8
19,12, Pro/Am,GMG Racing,,,Audi R8 LMS GT4,10,Not Running,1:55.975,101.5
20,13, Pro/Am,Caseit Racing by Flying Lizard,,,Audi R8 LMS GT4,10,Not Running,1:56.301,101.2
21,14, Pro/Am,ST Racing,,,BMW M4 GT4,7,Not Running,1:56.393,101.1
22,8, Am,JCR Motorsports,,,Maserati Grand Turismo MC GT4,7,Running,1:56.395,101.1
23,9, Am,Stephen Cameron Racing,,,BMW M4 GT4,7,Running,1:56.431,101.1
24,10, Am,M1 GT Racing,,,Audi R8 LMS GT4,7,Running,1:56.503,101.0
25,15, Pro/Am,Pfaff Motorsports,,,Porsche Cayman GT4 CS-MR,6,Not Running,1:56.611,100.9
26,11, Am,Rearden Racing,,,Audi R8 LMS GT4,6,Running,1:56.699,100.8
27,12, Am,Team Panoz Racing,,,Panoz Avezzano GT4,5,Running,1:56.873,100.7
28,16, Pro/Am,GMG Racing,,,McLaren 570S GT4,7,Not Running,1:57.002,100.6
29,13, Am,TRG,,,Porsche Cayman GT4 CS-MR,6,Running,1:57.226,100.4
30,17, Pro/Am,Classic BMW,,,BMW M4 GT4,7,Not Running,1:57.782,99.9
31,18, Pro/Am,PF Racing,,,Ford Mustang GT4,10,Not Running,1:57.819,99.9
32,14, Am,Precision Driving,,,BMW M4 GT4,6,Running,1:58.682,99.1
33,15, Am,Ian Lacy Racing,,,Ginetta G55,6,Running,1:59.066,98.8
34,19, Pro/Am,PF Racing,,,Ford Mustang GT4,9,Not Running,1:59.668,98.3
35,16, Am,Ian Lacy Racing,,,Ginetta G55,6,NC,2:06.481,93.0
36,17, Am,Racers Edge Motorsports,,,SIN R1,6,NC,,
37,18, Am,ST Racing,,,BMW M4 GT4,1,Not Running,,
38,20, Pro/Am,Compass Racing,,,McLaren 570S GT4,0,NS,,