With today’s announcement that Cadillac’s Pirelli World Challenge programme has been put on hiatus, Callaway Competition’s 2017 ADAC GT Masters-winning Corvette C7 GT3 could start racing in customer hands over in the USA.

In conversation with Callaway Competition’s owner Ernst Wohr last year, DSC learnt that GM had signed an agreement with the German manufacturer which prevented it from selling and racing the C7 GT3 over in the USA. The agreement was made to prevent it from interfering with Cadillac’s GT3 PWC programme.

With Cadillac now out of GT3 racing as a factory, and confirming to DSC that it will not be selling any ATS-V.R GT3s to customer teams for next season, there are now no notable road-blocks for the C7 GT3 to race in North America. The ATS-V.R GT3 meanwhile, will be retired as the only FIA homologated GT3 car which wasn’t sold to customers.

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