COLUMBUS, Ohio — 2015 Pirelli World Challenge (PWC) Touring Car (TC) Champion Corey Fergus will return to PWC competition in 2016, but he will move up to the GT Cup Class driving a Porsche GT3 Cup car prepared by Motorsports Promotions and owned by Byers Imports.

The Columbus, Ohio-native claimed his first professional championship last year driving a Porsche Cayman, and he is looking forward to continuing on with the brand as he is a Porsche Brand Specialist in his day job working at Byers Imports. 

“I’ve been a big fan of Porsche for a long time, so it was an easy decision to stay with Porsche and move up to a GT Cup car after winning the TC class last year,” Fergus said. “If the high level of competition in the TC class was any indication, I know we’ll be up against stiff competitors again.”

As a Porsche Brand Specialist at Byers Imports in Columbus, Ohio, the 27-year-old had the unique opportunity to drive the same type of cars that he sells to his customers, at some of the best race tracks in North America.

In 2016 Byers Imports is going to increase their involvement by purchasing and owning Fergus’ race car. “Byers Imports purchasing my race car for this season shows the huge level of support they provide, and that means a lot,” Fergus said. “I knew when they brought me on board they supported my racing, but this is taking it to a new level. They truly see the value in having me race what I sell in their showroom.”

According to Fergus, having a presence in PWC racing provides Byers Imports with an opportunity to expand their customer base.

“PWC provides great advertising and promotion opportunities, and we ship cars to customers all over the country,” he said. “I hope we can gain even more out of state clients in 2016. This is really a win for everyone.”

Fergus will receive his No. 00 Porsche 991 GT3 Cup car at the end of January, leaving a month of testing before the season opens March 3 at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas.

“The GT3 Cup cars come ready to take to the track, but we have a lot of set-up stuff we want to experiment with and try out during testing,” he said. “We plan to test twice before the season starts.”

Motorsports Promotions will prepare Fergus’ car for the second year in a row, and the team is comprised mostly of friends and family members.

“We’ll have the same team back this year, and since we accomplished a lot last year we want to continue that success,” Fergus said.

The challenge of a new class and competitors in a single driver format is attractive to Fergus.

“I’ve never raced a car with 460 horsepower, paddle shifters, sequential transmission, or a closed cockpit,” he said. “I expect and need to get up to speed quickly, and I’ll try to bring home another championship. I know our team will be capable, so it will be up to me to make it happen on the track.”

For the latest updates from Corey Fergus as he prepares for the 2016 PWC GT Cup season, follow him on Twitter at @CorwinFergus or on Facebook at Corey Fergus Racing.