Liefooghe Leads Raphael in TC; Goulart Tops TCA, O’Connell Best in TCB

GRANTSVILLE, Utah – Drivers with the potent BMW M235iR sedans lead the Touring Car field Friday at Utah Motorsports Campus in the opening TC practice round in the Security National Mortgage Supercar Grand Prix of Utah of the Pirelli World Challenge.

Greg Liefooghe of San Francisco, Calif., posted the fastest TC lap in the morning practice session in the No. 20 Stephen Cameron Racing/ART Racing BMW M235iR at two minutes, 4.437 seconds for an average speed of 88.17 miles per hour around the popular 3.048-mile, 14-turn UMC road circuit.

Joining Liefooghe in the BWM Top Five was Justin Raphael of Franklin Lakes, N.J., in the No. 29 Classic BMW M235iR at 2:05.723 (87.27 m.p.h.), defending TC series champion Toby Grahovec of Celina, Tex., in the No. 1 Classic BMW M2235iR at 2:05.857 (87.18 m.p.h.), CTMP winner Mason Filippi of Alamo, Calif., in the No. 12 Winding Road Team TFB BMW M235iR at 2:06.100 (87.01 m.p.h.) and Jayson Clunie of Prine Albert, Sask., Can., at 2:06.616 (86.66 m.p.h.).

Defending TCA champion Elivan Goulart of Shelton, Conn., drove his No. 70 S.A.C. Racing Mazda Global MX-5 Cup car to a 2:13.656 (82.09 m.p.h.) to the lead the TCA practice contenders over Craig Stanton of Yorba Linda, Calif., in the all-new No. 86 DG-Spec Toyota TMG 86 car with 2:13.763 (82.03 m.p.h.).

Young Canaan O’Connell of Chandler, Ariz., was the leading TCB driver in Friday practice with a 2:28.698 (73.79 m.p.h.) in the No. 24 TechSport Racing Chevrolet Sonic over Jasper Drengler of Shawano, Wi., at 2:29.225 (73.53 m.p.h.) in the No. 01 Drengler Racing Honda Fit.

The next TC practice at Utah Motorsports Campus Friday is scheduled for 3:50 p.m. MDT.

Results from TC/TCA/TCB Practice Session 1 for Rd.7 of the Pirelli World Challenge Security National Mortgage Supercar Grand Prix of Utah.

Pos,PIC,Class,Name,Hometown,Car,Laps,Status,Fastest Lap Time,Fastest Lap Avg. Speed
1,1, ,Greg LIEFOOGHE,San Fransisco, CA,BMW M235iR,14,Not Running,2:04.437,88.1
2,2, ,Justin RAPHAEL,Franklin Lakes, NJ,BMW M235iR,11,Not Running,2:05.723,87.2
3,3, ,Toby GRAHOVEC,Celina, TX,BMW M235iR,18,Not Running,2:05.857,87.1
4,4, ,Mason FILIPPI,Alamo, CA,BMW M235iR,17,Running,2:06.100,87.0
5,5, ,Jayson CLUNIE,Prince Albert, Saskatchewan,BMW M235iR,18,Running,2:06.616,86.6
6,6, ,Paul HOLTON,,Audi RS 3 LMS Clubsport,13,Not Running,2:06.798,86.5
7,7, ,Jason COUPAL,Rochester, NY,Audi RS 3 LMS Clubsport,18,Running,2:06.817,86.5
8,8, ,Nick WITTMER,,BMW M235iR,11,Not Running,2:06.996,86.4
9,9, ,Anthony MAGAGNOLI,,BMW M235iR,17,Not Running,2:07.006,86.3
10,10, ,Tony RIVERA,Oceanside, CA,Nissan 370Z,19,Running,2:07.075,86.3
11,11, ,Aristotle BALOGH,Palo Alto, CA,BMW M235iR,18,Running,2:07.305,86.1
12,12, ,Stefan SAJIC,Belgrade, Serbia,BMW M235iR,18,Not Running,2:07.553,86.0
13,13, ,Chris OHMACHT,,BMW M235iR,17,Not Running,2:07.593,85.9
14,14, ,Karl WITTMER,,Honda Accord,12,Not Running,2:07.742,85.8
15,15, ,Jacob RUUD,,BMW M235iR,17,Running,2:07.785,85.8
16,16, ,Henry SCHMITT,,BMW M235iR,18,Running,2:08.384,85.4
17,17, ,Rodrigo SALES,Sonoma, CA,BMW M235iR,11,Not Running,2:08.458,85.4
18,18, ,Robert NIMKOFF,Newtown, CT,BMW M235iR,15,Not Running,2:08.497,85.3
19,19, ,Jeff KEARL,San Clemente, CA,BMW M235iR,14,Not Running,2:08.552,85.3
20,20, ,Samantha TAN,,BMW M235iR,17,Not Running,2:08.614,85.3
21,21, ,Anthony GERACI,,Audi RS3 LMS Clubsport,10,Not Running,2:08.762,85.2
22,22, ,Travis WASHAY,Milford, CT,Audi RS 3 LMS Club Sport,16,Not Running,2:08.818,85.1
23,23, ,Daren JORGENSEN,,BMW M235iR,17,Running,2:08.864,85.1
24,24, ,Max FEDLER,Denver, CO,BMW M235iR,16,Not Running,2:09.117,84.9
25,25, ,Steve BURNS,,Ford Mustang,5,Not Running,2:09.404,84.7
26,26, ,Andrew McCUBBINS,Salt Lake City, UT,BMW M235iR,7,Not Running,2:10.643,83.9
27,27, ,Chetan PURANIK,,BMW M235iR,17,Not Running,2:11.503,83.4
28,28, ,Greg WARNOCK,Salt Lake City, UT,BMW M235iR,18,Running,2:11.997,83.1
29,1, A,Elivan GOULART,,Mazda Gobal MX-5 Cup Car,17,Running,2:13.656,82.0
30,2, A,Craig STANTON,,Toyota TMG 86 Cup Car,9,Not Running,2:13.763,82.0
31,3, A,Kenny MURILLO,Santa Rosa, CA,Mazda Global MX-5 Cup Car,16,Not Running,2:14.213,81.7
32,4, A,Matthew FASSNACHT,,Mazda MX-5,18,Running,2:14.401,81.6
33,5, A,Tom O’GORMAN,,Honda Civic Si,14,Not Running,2:14.921,81.3
34,6, A,Breton WILLIAMS,Clinton, IA,Scion FR-S,15,Not Running,2:15.588,80.9
35,7, A,Shea HOLBROOK,,Honda Civic Si,13,Not Running,2:15.712,80.8
36,8, A,Jeff SEXTON,,Mazda Global MX-5 Cup Car,16,Running,2:16.661,80.2
37,9, A,Daniel WILLIAMS,,Mazda MX-5,15,Running,2:16.764,80.2
38,10, A,Paul WHITING,,Honda Civic Si,18,Running,2:17.992,79.5
39,11, A,Daniel MOEN,,Mazda MX-5,17,Not Running,2:20.638,78.0
40,12, A,Eric POWELL,Orlando, FL,Mazda MX-5,9,Not Running,2:21.568,77.5
41,1, B,Canaan O’CONNELL,Chandler, AZ,Chevrolet Sonic,16,Running,2:28.698,73.7
42,2, B,Jasper DRENGLER,Shawano, WI,Honda Fit,16,Running,2:29.225,73.5
43,3, B,P.J. GROENKE,Richmond Hill, Ontario,Chevrolet Sonic,16,Running,2:29.243,73.5
44,4, B,Jake PIPAL,Oakdale CA,Mada 2,9,Not Running,2:31.892,72.2
45,29, ,Vesko KOZAROV,Salt Lake City, UT,Nissan 370Z,0,NS,,
46,30, ,John WEISBERG,Webster, NY,Mazda MX-5,0,NS,,
47,5, B,Blake THOMPSON,,Mazda 2,0,NS,,
48,31, ,Steve KHOLI,,Honda Accord,0,NS,,
49,32, ,Andrew RAINS,,Honda Accord Coupe,0,NS,,
50,13, A,Tim PROBERT,,Mazda Global MX-5 Cup Car,0,NS,,
51,33, ,Jeff RICCA,,Genesis Coupe,0,NS,,