Back-to-back race weekends are always draining. On Sunday night I flew out from Toronto to Los Angeles for a day with Jeff Zwart and his 1971 Factory Porsche 911 Rally car – the very car that ran the East Africa Safari!

That was a treat but made for a tight turn-around: Toronto to LA to Connecticut for the Lime Rock rounds of the Pirelli World Challenge SprintX Championship.

If that wasn’t tight enough, due to noise restrictions at Lime Rock that prevent Thursday running, our test day was on Tuesday! I flew overnight from LAX to Newark Airport, landed at 5 a.m., rented a car and drove 2 hours up to Lime Rock Park for our test day.

The Tuesday test day went well for me and Preston [Calvert]. We took time getting used to the race track and trying to optimize the setup as much as possible.

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