Holter Racing Team Update

2015 is over and we at Holter racing look forward to 2016! Thank you to everyone who has supported me in the past and to those in the future!

As I look upon 2015, it was a stressful season that ended too fast. I would like to thank my sponsors for 2015, Fuel Clothing, Go Puck, Spy Optic, and www.amberthrives.com

My year in review is a short one, but in late 2014 we took our BMW to Road America and rolled it. Much of 2015 was spent getting that car back into racing order with my local teammates, thank you to them for getting it back together. In March of 2015 I went to the opening round of the Pirelli World Challenge at Circuit of the Americas with Breathless Racing. Three races, three chances to make a name for myself. I finished 8th 9th and 7th. Race 2 I found myself sitting in 3rd place with 5:41 seconds left to go, I remember the exact time when I zero’d in and focused on staying at least in 3rd spot. Unfortunately due to contact that I couldn’t avoid I was bumped from 3rd to 7th for that race.

And that my racing friends is where the season turned….

Just like that, the season was pretty much over. Racers in the slower or rookie classes usually pay their way into a seat, with hopes that bigger names will bring them in for testing sessions and eventually factory rides. If you have a bunch of money, this road is a little easier that the person who is trying to figure out the budget for one race weekend vs adding additional seat time to their already full plate.

I began to work as a performance driving instructor for Brainerd International Raceway in 2015! Being an instructor has been a great adventure, teaching teens how to drive safer and accident avoidance, as well as teaching how to go fast and safe on the race track. Linking up with the Performance driving school has been a great way for me to step back and really think about the proper line and being safer out on the track.

This leads to 2016.

Since my 2015 ended early, I started to work on my racing resume, and my 2016 sponsorship proposal. May, June, July went by and I started emailing potential sponsors. I thought to myself if I was ahead of the game, then I would be ok. I sent out close to 100 emails, and contacted whoever I could to express interest in representing their company for the 2016 season. The response that I mostly got was that there was much interest in corporations to sponsor a car in the TC class, whether it be TC, TCA, or TCB, they all had no interest. Sighting the coverage from Pirelli World Challenge was focused on the GT classes. Understandably so, I guess.

Some of the best racing is in the TC class, especially TCB, we are all so close in speed, time, etc…. we are usually nose to tail for the whole race. But the coverage isnt there from PWC.

So this leads me to “What should I do for 2016?” Should I form another crowdfunding campaign? Do I have enough interest from racing friends? Keep emailing and calling corporations? At this point, I do not know what to do, but this is where you come in to help!

If you would like to be a member of the team that is set up to promote a crowdfunding campaign, please reply to this email, and I will put you on a list, when the campaign goes live, we will all be in charge of promoting it to our social media contacts. My team, “our team” will be represented on the car that I drive in the future races.

For a successful campaign, I need to be able to give out “rewards”. If you know, or if you know of a companies that will donate items for us to put up as rewards to campaign funders, please let me know who or what they have to offer. In the past I have given Go Pucks, Fuel Socks, t-shirts, hero cards etc…. It was a lot of fun to send those products to people that contributed.

I appreciate everyone getting to this part of the email, thank you. Please let me know if you would like to help out, I have not determined a goal for the campaign, but a race weekend would cost around $12k, and a season around $50k.